Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The FORMULA of Arab-Loyalties

A Bedouin-Arab tent......
my proud roots !!

The Arab-Loyalty formula
consist of a comparative-proportional-evaluation .

We say :
Ana wa akhy dod ibn aami
wa laken ,
ana wa ibn aami dod el khareeb !!

I will support my brother against my cousin 

but I will support my cousin against any stranger.

When you are not an Arab nor any Middle-Eastern person
you should use this formula to comprehend why
a certain inconstancy is noticed among most Arab-politicians
or among  Arabs in general.

Yours truly ,for example
will support any Arab-masses (people) against
any of their  leader or King or president or prince or shaikh
while , I would support the same leader or dictator or clown
if and when he is opposing any foreign- political- power.

It might appear to Westerners as if  this is a archaic-attitude,
but I care not , because this is a social-historical- fact
and I have not found a better formula .

What is the use of any ideology or any religion
if it does serve and protect the people ???

The only problem I shall face, is when ever my brother
would be the dictator who oppresses the people.

My brother, by the way , is a retired book-editor aged 68
and I do not think he might still become a dictator in Lebanon
(because Beirut is full of them, anyhow)

Raja Chemayel

Having said all that :
I shall support the Libyan people against the Colonel
while, I shall support Qaddafi against any foreign intervention !!

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