Thursday, August 28, 2008

About prejudices, snow and deserts......

and the pre-conceived- cliche's .

Could you name the 8 Arabs countries in which you normally find snow ?
could you name three Arab-countries in which there is snow all year round ??

Could you name the 8 Arab countries in which Wine is produced ??

Could you name a Arab-lady-General who fought the first battles for Islam ??

Could you name a Muslim country who has had a Lady-Prime-Minister
decades before Germany and Britain ever did ??

Could you name and nationality of the most famous lady-hijacker
and probably the first in History ??

Could you name that Civilisation in which were born
Judaism,Christianit y and Islam ??

Could you explain why Western Arrogance and Western-narrow- minds
do not recognise and Arab-snow and our Arab-Wines ,
among other normal things ???

Did you know that Arab-countries which do have a parliament,
all do include female-members ??
and that the other Arab-Countries who do not have any Parliament
nor any female-members obviously, are, accidentally,
all 100% pro-USA .......

If having a desert as part of a country is something pitifull or shameful.
then tell it to Texas, Arizona , Australia or New-Mexico.

Moses , Jesus and Mohammad all used a desert.
and all rode on a Camel or a Donkey too ......

And finally if you want to blame a Muslim or an Arab-woman
for wearing a weil........ .
may I remind you Mary-mother- of-Jesus
did wear a weil....all her life
and in all the Paintings and Icons . too .

So if you want Arab-women to take off their weils ,
start please , by the vergin Mary .....!

And if having desert is somehow wrong ,
rest assured that we have also snow.
(also Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan have it)

Sherlock Hommos
Snow-seeker. ..and wine-expert

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Regardless from the Georgraphical-preconceptions

when you say "Georgia"
you think of the Black-Sea, of a land bordering Russia
You can reach it via the Aegean sea
and then via the Straights of Istanbul.

When you say "Iran "
you think of the Persian-Gulf, of a land bordering Iraq
You can reach it via the Straights of Hormuz
down by the Arabian Sea.

Look again at the world map
and then tell me the distance between the south end of Georgia
with the northern top of Iran.....???

Forget the cliches and prejudices
and calculate the factual distance between Iran and Georgia
Regardless from Geographical-preconceptions.

Forget your political preferences
and calculate how long needs a middle-range-missile
for to travel from Georgia to Iran

Forget any wishful thinking
and calculate, analyse and conclude
why the West does cherish "the Georgian democratic process"

Try to understand ,now, why the NATO loves Georgia ??

Sherlock Hommos
Stunt-man for Geopolitical-logic

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The four mothers of Mahmoud Darwish

" Quand il est mort le poete "

If death were to be an end
Mahmoud's death , was not .

If there is life after death
so why did Mahmoud die ??

If poets do not die
so why did Mahmoud leave us ??

If Palestine never existed
what is this wound ??

If Palestinians do not exist
then who are all those stones-throwers
on Israeli-Tanks ??

Mahmoud Darwish
once wrote :
" I am ashamed to die and so not to cause my mother's tears"

I saw his mother on the TV ,
crying with tears in her eyes.

Mahmoud has had four mothers :
his mother , my mother ,
Palestine and the wounded-humanity.

Raja Chemayel