Thursday, August 28, 2008

About prejudices, snow and deserts......

and the pre-conceived- cliche's .

Could you name the 8 Arabs countries in which you normally find snow ?
could you name three Arab-countries in which there is snow all year round ??

Could you name the 8 Arab countries in which Wine is produced ??

Could you name a Arab-lady-General who fought the first battles for Islam ??

Could you name a Muslim country who has had a Lady-Prime-Minister
decades before Germany and Britain ever did ??

Could you name and nationality of the most famous lady-hijacker
and probably the first in History ??

Could you name that Civilisation in which were born
Judaism,Christianit y and Islam ??

Could you explain why Western Arrogance and Western-narrow- minds
do not recognise and Arab-snow and our Arab-Wines ,
among other normal things ???

Did you know that Arab-countries which do have a parliament,
all do include female-members ??
and that the other Arab-Countries who do not have any Parliament
nor any female-members obviously, are, accidentally,
all 100% pro-USA .......

If having a desert as part of a country is something pitifull or shameful.
then tell it to Texas, Arizona , Australia or New-Mexico.

Moses , Jesus and Mohammad all used a desert.
and all rode on a Camel or a Donkey too ......

And finally if you want to blame a Muslim or an Arab-woman
for wearing a weil........ .
may I remind you Mary-mother- of-Jesus
did wear a weil....all her life
and in all the Paintings and Icons . too .

So if you want Arab-women to take off their weils ,
start please , by the vergin Mary .....!

And if having desert is somehow wrong ,
rest assured that we have also snow.
(also Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan have it)

Sherlock Hommos
Snow-seeker. ..and wine-expert

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