Sunday, August 24, 2008

The four mothers of Mahmoud Darwish

" Quand il est mort le poete "

If death were to be an end
Mahmoud's death , was not .

If there is life after death
so why did Mahmoud die ??

If poets do not die
so why did Mahmoud leave us ??

If Palestine never existed
what is this wound ??

If Palestinians do not exist
then who are all those stones-throwers
on Israeli-Tanks ??

Mahmoud Darwish
once wrote :
" I am ashamed to die and so not to cause my mother's tears"

I saw his mother on the TV ,
crying with tears in her eyes.

Mahmoud has had four mothers :
his mother , my mother ,
Palestine and the wounded-humanity.

Raja Chemayel

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