Friday, August 22, 2008

Not much has changed since my Holidays

Only Jesus
could beat Michael Phelps
and the USA !!

Olmert will soon leave us on corruption's charges ,
while ,
Mahmoud Abbas will remain to collect his corruption's profits .
Hamas is declared as a Terrorist organisation
but obviously it is the only democratically-elected-Terrorist-organisation
in the Middle East, while being occupied by the only "democratic" state
which also is not the only corrupt state , in same the Middle East

I saw Mahmoud Abbas bidding farewell to Mahmoud Darwish
and I thought to myself :
there stands (arguably) the most corrupt Palestinian
holding a farewell speech to the most uncorrupted Palestinian.
A Palestinian-Saint called Darwish..

Georgia wanted to prove its newly-acquired-western-democratic-values
by slaughtering 1200 of its own Ossetian-minority-citizens who happen
to hold also a Russian Passport........
which incited the Russians to demonstrate to France and to the USA
who is , what is , and where is the ex-Soviet-union.....
Just in case Ukraine or Belarus get "funny-ideas" from Condi Rice.

Lebanon and Syria decided to establish two Embassies
in their reciprocal Capitals which are only 90 km apart (60 Miles)
while 71% of Lebanese has family-members on the Syrian side
of a border which makes 84% of the total border lines of the Lebanon.

What else ?? is new ...
Oh yes....!!

Ariel Sharon did not die yet
and he must be headding for the new record-titel of :
"the longest-Coma-Patient

The Olympic Games went on to prove to us that :
the Dalay Lama is not a God
that the Black Race is supperior to the White one
that the Americans swimm faster than Borat
that Israel got no medals which exludes the theory of Israeli-superiority
Bahrain scored better than Israel . and so also did Tunis and Algeria
Palestine got no medals,at all, because there no medals for Tunnel-digging
nor for Wall-climming.......nor for Marathon of Check-points-crossing.........
let alone , for Stone-throwing while being on an empty-stomach

Five weeks of Holidays did not change the world , nor change me.

Many atheletes get dopped , some got caught and others did not ,
many regimes practice Ethnic-cleansing, some get caught others do not.

Raja Chemayel
back on the front !!
22 August 2008

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