Thursday, August 21, 2008

George, Georgia and Geography

George, Georgia
Geography on my mind

Just look at a Map and you realise where is Georgia
and how far is the republic of Georgia............
from the State of Georgia (US) .

Never mind when the President of Georgia
would be a Western-puppet ,or not,
you cannot remove Georgia from the Black Sea
and from its neighbours.

Also when Georgia slaughters 1200 of its own Ossetian-citizens
on the first day of the conflict ,
you cannot blame the Russian Army
for coming to protect a massacred-minority.

Obviously it is :
A Banana-republic between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea
is being thought a lesson in human rights by a most powerful neighbour
which at least deserve some respect,
even when Georgia would like to enter the NATO
(New American Totalitarian Organisation)

Entering the NATO does not allow genocides,
even when Condi Rice likes Georgia and George likes it too .
Genocides are applicable and acceptable only on Muslim in Kosovo ,
in Bosnia and Herzegovina..... no to forget Gaza.

So much for the Caucasian scene, the Pipe Line is coming soon
and this means that Georgia is on the World-Map
and more over we should not forget
that Israeli-Capital was invested already
to the tune of one Billion Dollars (as a start)
in the birthplace of Joseph Stalin………………
and at the homeland of KHAZARIA............

The Georgian Army is being trained by Israeli-military-instructors
which explains the sudden and brutal massacre of the 1200 Ossetians,
the first 24 hours.

Never mind what I think and write,
it is all about irritating the Russian-Bear,
it is all about the passage of Oil from the Caspian Sea to the Black-Sea,
it is all about a new NATO Puppet
at the door step of the Tsars of 21st Century.

And the rest is history revisited……..
and Ossetians dying so that oil may flow.
and this is a Banana Republic too far ( or rather too near)

Moustafa Roosenbloom
with Geography on my mind.....
21st of August 2008

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