Friday, June 29, 2007

After-retirement Jobs

From: raja chemayel

After retiring as Prime Minister , Tony Blair becomes a
Peace-envoy and Peace-Negotiator for the Middle East........

This grotesque absurdity has nonetheless inspired me
to try to figure out what other jobs could other persons do
after their retirement , while following that same logic.

Dr. Henry Kissinger :
President of the relief-association for the victims of Agent-Orange.

Bill Clinton :
general Secretary for the league of defence against sexual harassment's.

Shimon Peres:
Director of the association of the friends of Yasser Arafat .

Ralph Nader :
President of the Board of Directors of General Motors inc.

Mahmoud Abbas :
Treasurer and banker for the Hamas-supporters-club.

Salman Rushdie:
Vice-President of the anti-blasphemy-associations

Miles Davis :
President of the association for the conservation of Barock-music.

Ehud Olmert:
Curator of the Chatila and Sabra Memorial Museum

George Bush :
General secretary of The Ben-Ladin-Demolition-Club's-Veterans.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

PS :
even Raja Chemayel could retire as the new Propaganda-Minister for Israel

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A pragmatic solution for Darfur ....

From: raja chemayel
Let us, please , but very objectively ,
consider the following proposal:

Knowing that ,
sending 18.000 new western-soldiers to Darfur
will cost 525.000 just to get them there a
nd then another 684.000 per day
and then 455.000 to get them out 3 years later
and that 3 years means 1098 days..... meaning also :
1098X684.000= 7.510.200 plus 525.000 plus 455.000
we come to more than 8 billions US-dollars,
provided that not one shot will be fired
and no accidents and no injuries.....

Now if my voice is heard ,
I would suggest to use this same amount
of 8 Billions Dollars to build or to purchase :
2 hospitals
10 clinics
43 schools of all kinds
2500 ultra-low-budget family-housing
3 colleges (high-school)
350 land-agricultural-tractors
7 maintenance garages
30 public buses
10 ambulances

2600 water pumps
450 tons of agricultural seeds
5662 tons of fertilisers
1200 sun-energy-generators
15 water purification plants
one police station..........

and what is then left-over from that 8 Billions amount
can be sent to my Swiss-Secret- Account
NR. ric-45885-44996-BNV-447......thank you !!

the advantages are :
1- no foreign troops will now invade Sudan (looking for WMD)
2- Halliburton will not get richer (this time, at least )
3- no US Marines will die (or loose a leg )
4- Sudan shall not be divided ( no Shiaa there !! )
5- no Sudanese will die ( while hating George's freedom )
6- real and effective help will follow ( which is called development)
7- any civil-war will have to disappear (bread before democracy ! )
8- nobody will end up hating the USA, in Sudan (for a change )
9- Democracy might really succeed in Sudan (better than Iraq ,anyhow)
10- my secret-bank-account in Switzerland will become bigger

Eng . Moustafa Roosenbloom$
more pragmatically-humanitarian than Condi Rice !!
28Th of June 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The successor of Lord Balfour.......

philharmonic, philanthropic
wants to appoint Mr.Tony Blair
as chief Peace-Mediator-Negotiator.

And I wonder if Tony would not fix it
in 45 minutes

it is like asking a plumber to repair the TV set
asking a Paedophile as a baby-sitter
asking the Mouse to guard a piece of cheese
simply asking the successor of Lord Balfour
to bring justice to Palestine !

Sherlock Hommos
a historian without any amnesia
27Th of June 2007
the day Blair will try to stop lying.....

Vinegar is simply a corrupted-wine

From: raja chemayel

If you fill a bottle with vinegar
and then put a label on it saying : Wine
It will still be vinegar ,to me ,
and also to anyone who later shall tasted it.

Only those who never have tasted any vinegar
and those who would not eventually know the difference
with wine......they alone would believe that label, and call it ,
indeed , "wine" .

Equally, those who never have tasted Zionism
would tend to believe that Zionism is Judaism.

You may have made your own opinion on Judaism,itself,
but Zionism is something totally different !!

You may have your own prejudices or sympathies for Jews
but the Zionists are something totally different !!

Only a Zionist would like you to be confused
and to mix Judaism with Zionism.

Only the Zionist would like you to consider
each Jew as being the same as an Israeli-citizen.

Only a Zionist would let you drink vinegar
and makes you pay for it , the price of wine.....

Vinegar is a corrupted-wine
Zionism is a corrupted-Judaism

Raja Chemayel
27Th of June 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Trojan Horse of Zionism

From: raja chemayel
Just in case you are an outsider to the Middle-East-politics

standing on the side-lines and just watching the events
unfold between Hamas and Fateh.

Just in case you have not yet made up your mind
whom to support and whom to condemn......

Just in case you have a slight stroke of amnesia
may I remind you that Hamas has won the last elections.

Just in case you have not followed the news
of the last week......I shall sum it up for you :

1-The USA and the EU are backing the Fateh-side
hereby represented by President Mahmoud Abbas and his clan...
2- all Palestinian-money previously withheld shall be released
3- and if the above is not descriptively-symbolic enough.......
even the Government of Israel is releasing Millions to President Abbas.
Two possibilities come , here, to my mind :

1- Mahmoud Abbas " makes miracles "
2- Mahmoud Abbas is a Trojan-Horse for Zionism
(who does not want to be locked-up in a cellar again)
Raja Chemayel
25Th of June 2007

Congratulations to Palestine !!

From: raja chemayel
the Arab-Worl d
to all Liberation's-movements
and to
the Third-World
Since 1948 until now we have never had
any part of Palestine
which was not occupied
either by the Zionist
or by our own-corrupt-systems.
Today we can declare
as a
liberated-land !!!
Raja Chemayel
June 2007

Vocabulary-Manual for the Middle East Reporters and the so-called experts/advisers/analysts

in non-alphabetic order
nor any logic order

Judaism :
a license to claim religious exclusivity
and racial supremacy

Zionism :
a license to steal Palestine

Semite :
a license to call Abraham " grandfather"

Israeli :
a license to use and keep the stolen Land

Holocaust :
a license to endlessly keep on milking out sympathies
and national-guilt

Revisionism :
a license to investigate all the above mentioned licences

Anti-Semite :
originally someone who hated the European-Jews , but nowadays it is someone that the Jews, themselves, hate.

Anti-Arab :
any Colonialist , any Imperialist
and all the Zionists

Anti-Terrorist :
provided he knows who is the real-Terrorist.

Suicide Bomber :
someone committing suicide in public,
among his own oppressors.

Liberation of Iraq :
Occupation and robbery of Iraq
and later dividing it

New World Order :
Cheap Oil out of castrated-regimes

Evacuation from Gaza :
surrounding of Gaza to suffocate it

The Road-Map :
another trick to loose one decade.

The Promised Land :
Palestine , promised by Lord Balfour to Baron Rottshild .
originally a promise by God to an Iraqi and his wife
just to go and meet Jesus in Palestine

The Land of Israel :
stolen and occupied Palestinian-lands

Occupied Palestinian-land :
not yet stolen-land , by the Israelis
otherwise known as the West-Bank.

Democracy in the Arab World:
a chain of subordinated-Arab-regimes
holding now and then an election or two

Peace in the Middle East :
the total hegemony of Israel

Raja Chemayel
linguistic-expert competing with the Oxford Dictionary

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The 24Th of June 2007

From: raja chemayel

Today the
24Th. of June 2007

Gaza :
is actually the only part of Palestine
which is practically- liberated.

The rest of Palestine
is either , officially-stolen

so the good news is
that we have a starting-place !!
and it is called : Gaza

Raja Chemayel

any inch of Palestine which is corruption-free and Zionist-free ,
is then considered LIBERATED.....never mind to be "democratic" or not,
first our freedom than the democracy !!!
the same applies to Iraq , too !!