Thursday, June 28, 2007

A pragmatic solution for Darfur ....

From: raja chemayel
Let us, please , but very objectively ,
consider the following proposal:

Knowing that ,
sending 18.000 new western-soldiers to Darfur
will cost 525.000 just to get them there a
nd then another 684.000 per day
and then 455.000 to get them out 3 years later
and that 3 years means 1098 days..... meaning also :
1098X684.000= 7.510.200 plus 525.000 plus 455.000
we come to more than 8 billions US-dollars,
provided that not one shot will be fired
and no accidents and no injuries.....

Now if my voice is heard ,
I would suggest to use this same amount
of 8 Billions Dollars to build or to purchase :
2 hospitals
10 clinics
43 schools of all kinds
2500 ultra-low-budget family-housing
3 colleges (high-school)
350 land-agricultural-tractors
7 maintenance garages
30 public buses
10 ambulances

2600 water pumps
450 tons of agricultural seeds
5662 tons of fertilisers
1200 sun-energy-generators
15 water purification plants
one police station..........

and what is then left-over from that 8 Billions amount
can be sent to my Swiss-Secret- Account
NR. ric-45885-44996-BNV-447......thank you !!

the advantages are :
1- no foreign troops will now invade Sudan (looking for WMD)
2- Halliburton will not get richer (this time, at least )
3- no US Marines will die (or loose a leg )
4- Sudan shall not be divided ( no Shiaa there !! )
5- no Sudanese will die ( while hating George's freedom )
6- real and effective help will follow ( which is called development)
7- any civil-war will have to disappear (bread before democracy ! )
8- nobody will end up hating the USA, in Sudan (for a change )
9- Democracy might really succeed in Sudan (better than Iraq ,anyhow)
10- my secret-bank-account in Switzerland will become bigger

Eng . Moustafa Roosenbloom$
more pragmatically-humanitarian than Condi Rice !!
28Th of June 2007