Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The successor of Lord Balfour.......

philharmonic, philanthropic
wants to appoint Mr.Tony Blair
as chief Peace-Mediator-Negotiator.

And I wonder if Tony would not fix it
in 45 minutes

it is like asking a plumber to repair the TV set
asking a Paedophile as a baby-sitter
asking the Mouse to guard a piece of cheese
simply asking the successor of Lord Balfour
to bring justice to Palestine !

Sherlock Hommos
a historian without any amnesia
27Th of June 2007
the day Blair will try to stop lying.....

1 comment:

Alex said...

Imagine a medicine student that failed in his exams and was granted the right to win a scholarship accompanied by working in a surgery room…

It is wrong to give a car to a drunk!

The question of Blair & war crimes is a mater of time, only. At some point this guy is supposed to be facing a court and in the worst case the lord will ask him why did you kill so many people and he will have to provide an answer…..