Friday, June 29, 2007

After-retirement Jobs

From: raja chemayel

After retiring as Prime Minister , Tony Blair becomes a
Peace-envoy and Peace-Negotiator for the Middle East........

This grotesque absurdity has nonetheless inspired me
to try to figure out what other jobs could other persons do
after their retirement , while following that same logic.

Dr. Henry Kissinger :
President of the relief-association for the victims of Agent-Orange.

Bill Clinton :
general Secretary for the league of defence against sexual harassment's.

Shimon Peres:
Director of the association of the friends of Yasser Arafat .

Ralph Nader :
President of the Board of Directors of General Motors inc.

Mahmoud Abbas :
Treasurer and banker for the Hamas-supporters-club.

Salman Rushdie:
Vice-President of the anti-blasphemy-associations

Miles Davis :
President of the association for the conservation of Barock-music.

Ehud Olmert:
Curator of the Chatila and Sabra Memorial Museum

George Bush :
General secretary of The Ben-Ladin-Demolition-Club's-Veterans.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

PS :
even Raja Chemayel could retire as the new Propaganda-Minister for Israel

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