Monday, June 25, 2007

Vocabulary-Manual for the Middle East Reporters and the so-called experts/advisers/analysts

in non-alphabetic order
nor any logic order

Judaism :
a license to claim religious exclusivity
and racial supremacy

Zionism :
a license to steal Palestine

Semite :
a license to call Abraham " grandfather"

Israeli :
a license to use and keep the stolen Land

Holocaust :
a license to endlessly keep on milking out sympathies
and national-guilt

Revisionism :
a license to investigate all the above mentioned licences

Anti-Semite :
originally someone who hated the European-Jews , but nowadays it is someone that the Jews, themselves, hate.

Anti-Arab :
any Colonialist , any Imperialist
and all the Zionists

Anti-Terrorist :
provided he knows who is the real-Terrorist.

Suicide Bomber :
someone committing suicide in public,
among his own oppressors.

Liberation of Iraq :
Occupation and robbery of Iraq
and later dividing it

New World Order :
Cheap Oil out of castrated-regimes

Evacuation from Gaza :
surrounding of Gaza to suffocate it

The Road-Map :
another trick to loose one decade.

The Promised Land :
Palestine , promised by Lord Balfour to Baron Rottshild .
originally a promise by God to an Iraqi and his wife
just to go and meet Jesus in Palestine

The Land of Israel :
stolen and occupied Palestinian-lands

Occupied Palestinian-land :
not yet stolen-land , by the Israelis
otherwise known as the West-Bank.

Democracy in the Arab World:
a chain of subordinated-Arab-regimes
holding now and then an election or two

Peace in the Middle East :
the total hegemony of Israel

Raja Chemayel
linguistic-expert competing with the Oxford Dictionary

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