Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vinegar is simply a corrupted-wine

From: raja chemayel

If you fill a bottle with vinegar
and then put a label on it saying : Wine
It will still be vinegar ,to me ,
and also to anyone who later shall tasted it.

Only those who never have tasted any vinegar
and those who would not eventually know the difference
with wine......they alone would believe that label, and call it ,
indeed , "wine" .

Equally, those who never have tasted Zionism
would tend to believe that Zionism is Judaism.

You may have made your own opinion on Judaism,itself,
but Zionism is something totally different !!

You may have your own prejudices or sympathies for Jews
but the Zionists are something totally different !!

Only a Zionist would like you to be confused
and to mix Judaism with Zionism.

Only the Zionist would like you to consider
each Jew as being the same as an Israeli-citizen.

Only a Zionist would let you drink vinegar
and makes you pay for it , the price of wine.....

Vinegar is a corrupted-wine
Zionism is a corrupted-Judaism

Raja Chemayel
27Th of June 2007

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