Monday, June 25, 2007

The Trojan Horse of Zionism

From: raja chemayel
Just in case you are an outsider to the Middle-East-politics

standing on the side-lines and just watching the events
unfold between Hamas and Fateh.

Just in case you have not yet made up your mind
whom to support and whom to condemn......

Just in case you have a slight stroke of amnesia
may I remind you that Hamas has won the last elections.

Just in case you have not followed the news
of the last week......I shall sum it up for you :

1-The USA and the EU are backing the Fateh-side
hereby represented by President Mahmoud Abbas and his clan...
2- all Palestinian-money previously withheld shall be released
3- and if the above is not descriptively-symbolic enough.......
even the Government of Israel is releasing Millions to President Abbas.
Two possibilities come , here, to my mind :

1- Mahmoud Abbas " makes miracles "
2- Mahmoud Abbas is a Trojan-Horse for Zionism
(who does not want to be locked-up in a cellar again)
Raja Chemayel
25Th of June 2007

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