Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt has an appointement with History

An Egyptian protester flashes Egypt's flag as anti-riot policemen use water canon against protesters in Cairo, Egypt, January 28, 2011

After seeing what is happening today in Egypt
I must add my doubts about what has happened
to that Church in Alexandria....

I am starting to suspect
Husny Mubarak´s regime itself
who might have planned this bombing
just to divert the attention
from his own Dictatorship.

Anyhow ,

this is my advise to my Egyptian
Brothers and Sisters

Send Husny to join Anwar Sadat

Get the army to rule for the next 100 days

make a free election
on the 25th of April

Nationalise all properties of Mubarak´s clan
and of each Egyptian who
collaborated with Israel

open the borders with Gaza

revoke the Peace-treaty with Israel

allow an independent
(like Hezbollah)
and declare any liberation
of Arab lands
as legal.

allow all political-parties
(even the fundamentalists)

set up popular-tribunals
as South Africa did.

close the USA Embassy for 5 years
and the Israeli Embassy for ever !!

"Mabrouk ya Oum el Dunia  !! "

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10% of WikiLeaks
A soldier-boy stationed in Baghdad
who dicovers diplomatic messages
on his own Lap-top.

10% of what WikiLeaks will tell us
are intended lies ,
and carefuly-planned-timed-misinformations.....
try to discover which ones are those 10% !!

a proverb rightly says :
"if you want to carefuly keep a lie,
hide it in a bag full of Truth".

Do not tell me that Hackers
are better than the CIA !!

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Demonstrations in Beirut

The supporters of the Hariri (Dynasty) Clan
are on the streets of Beirut
expressing their anger and their disappointment
to the fact that they lost their " Majority ".
Not in any election but simply in a shift of alliences

So I say to them :
when anyone looses his ( or its) majority
it is better to stay home
and blame only himself .

Who  ever killed Rafik Harriri
has buried him today ......

Raja Chemayel

The " Promised-Sea "........ a blessing ?? ......a curse ??
A blessing ??? or a curse !!

Recently a huge under-water-field of Natural-Gas
was found off the shores of the Lebanon and Palestine.

The State of ISRAEL being the occupier of the whole
of the natural-historical-Palestine , shall and will claim
its share of this Gas.   ( if not all of it !! )

Which means that with this treasure lying under the sea
those Zionists shall now never leave us ,
to go back to where they came from.

More over ,
after 60 years of Archaeological diggings trying
desperately to find their imaginative roots........
(which were never found)

We conclude today that  those Khazar/Ashkenazim
are not Hebrew/Jews/Semites, nor the chosen-people..........
but ,
there Gas under the East-Mediterranean Sea  !!!
therefore the " Promised-Land " shall become:
the " Promised-Sea "
This vessel brought Moses out of Egypt, over the sea-routes,
and not over the Sinai...........
 because the Bible told it wrong !!

Therefore,from now on,
the Zionist shall give us back our Holy-Land

and keep the " Promised-Sea"  for them.

Eng. Moustafa   Roosenbloom
Marketing-Manager of the  Zio-Promised-Gas.  Ltd. Co.