Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The " Promised-Sea "........ a blessing ?? ......a curse ??

A blessing ??? or a curse !!

Recently a huge under-water-field of Natural-Gas
was found off the shores of the Lebanon and Palestine.

The State of ISRAEL being the occupier of the whole
of the natural-historical-Palestine , shall and will claim
its share of this Gas.   ( if not all of it !! )

Which means that with this treasure lying under the sea
those Zionists shall now never leave us ,
to go back to where they came from.

More over ,
after 60 years of Archaeological diggings trying
desperately to find their imaginative roots........
(which were never found)

We conclude today that  those Khazar/Ashkenazim
are not Hebrew/Jews/Semites, nor the chosen-people..........
but ,
there Gas under the East-Mediterranean Sea  !!!
therefore the " Promised-Land " shall become:
the " Promised-Sea "

This vessel brought Moses out of Egypt, over the sea-routes,
and not over the Sinai...........
 because the Bible told it wrong !!

Therefore,from now on,
the Zionist shall give us back our Holy-Land

and keep the " Promised-Sea"  for them.

Eng. Moustafa   Roosenbloom
Marketing-Manager of the  Zio-Promised-Gas.  Ltd. Co.

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