Saturday, December 6, 2008

Amnesia , taylor-made

it sends a Missile 30km away
with a 15 cm accuracy

Nobody thought that Prime Minister Hariri
could have been blown-up by a rocket-missile
fired from any Helicopter from a distance.

Nobody used his imagination ,
as to who could have done this........ ....and how ?
They all agreed on " a road-side-bomb " by Syria.

No Sir !!
" It was Syria " they said , and it suits to Israel
and suits to the USA and especially to Chirac's France.

Case closed !! .......they said .....
then they brought in
the UN-security- council to legalise this allegation
then they manipulate the Media
and then they bought the best witnesses... the market.

Israel bombs Beirut in summer 2006
Israel bombs a Syrian orange-juice- factory
and calls it an Atomic-reactor , in 2007
Israels bombs and starves Gaza , in 2008 .

But everybody forgot Rafik El Hariri
and everybody forgot ,
that there was never a funeral for Ariel Sharon !!
and everybody forgot ,
the Road Map of George Bush , that took us to nowhere
and everybody forgot that
the Taliban's chased the Soviets out of Afghanistan
and everybody forgot,
that Iraq never has had Weapons of Mass Destruction
and everybody forgot ,
to forget the Holocaust !! ............ ....or Darfour !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
General-Secretary of Amnesia-International

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