Sunday, November 30, 2008

"An American in Mumbai"

the Rabi I trust...

When you realise that among the victims of Mumbai
the Hindu are the majority of casualties ,when in theory it should
have been aimed against Americans,British and Israelis.... .

When you realise that more Germans have died than
the Britishers and the Americans together ,
you shall wonder if those so called Terrorist do know
how to read a passport or not.
Or , better than that, if ever this action were what it was supposed to be ??

Those Terrorist succeeded in Killing the Chief officer
of the Anti-Terrorism brigade....and missed everybody else !!

Never mind any logic,
and please , keep on reading between my lines :

The Synagogue which was attacked , has had an American Rabi
As if India could not provide its own Rabi
or , as if a Jewish-Indian- community needs an American Rabi

Last year , in Prague , where my in-laws live , there was an American Rabi
who came to order the transfer of the Historic-Jewish- Library of Prague ,
into Israel. The Jews of Prague refused and insisted that such a library
is Czech-Jewish and not Israeli-Jewish. .......later that Rabi was sent home
which is the USA and not Israel.

Back to Mumbai...... ...
what is an American Rabi doing in an Indian city
among Indian Jews ?? is Judaism being Americanised ???
like when 60 years ago Judaism was Zionised !!??

I do not know precisely .....just keep on reading between my lines,
you might catch it before I do .........

Nevertheless an American Rabi in India seems odd,
knowing that the Jews of India all originated from Iraq
on the day when there was no America on the Map.

What is an American Rabi with a Yiddish name doing in India ??
when even the British-colonialist s have all left it
and gave it back to the lawful owners.

I really cannot explain his role , nor do I understand why would
any Terrorist kill a Rabi , because I am used to see Terrorists
killing oppressors and invaders and occupiers.
Therefore I must conclude that the Rabi was killed for being an American
before being a Rabi......yes, but that is only speculations.

When you finish reading between the lines ,
let me know what your thoughts are .

Sherlock Hommos
a curious person

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