Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Black is beautiful , while White is careful.

Let us suppose that Obama is black,
so what does a colour has to do with politics ??

Let us suppose that Obama is a Democrat,
so what does it help when Democrat
is written with a capital-D ??

Let us not rejoice that Obama was born-Muslim ,
so what does it help when see that Anwar El Saddat
was born also a Muslim ?? and the Shah too !!

Let us not forget that ,Obama is only half-black
and a Democrat with a big "D"
which is not necessarily a small "d".

So Obama would be now :
a " half-black-member- of-the-Democrati c-party"
who has won the elections thanks to 453 Million-Dollars
which he now has to pay back in "favours" to his donors ,
during the next 4 years....... .
That will be 30,75 Millions each year
which is, 85.417 Dollars each day
which are 3.560 each hour....
provided Obama does not sleep.
(otherwise ,it will be, 7.280 per hour)

It will be more relevant to us ,
to find out , who the donors were ??
do they want for that money ??
what have they bought for 453 millions ??

Eng . Moustafa Roosenbloom
a Pessimist-Obamologue

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