Friday, December 5, 2008

Sorry !! No Change !!

Barrack Obama said often enough :
"Yes we can,,,,change"
" A Change...we believe in "

And , what has happened immediately after his election ??

He did not change the Secretary of Defence
He shall not change anything to the Israelo-Arab conflict
He brought back the same (Mrs) Clinton to the White-house
He brought back the same "Chief-of -Staff" too.
He shall take soldiers out of Iraq , into the same Afghanistan.
He might close Guantanamo only to re-open Alcatraz .

I am afraid to tell you ,
that the only changes would be rather "skin-deep" ,
like for example, the colour of the skin
of the President of the USA........
Or another Puppy in the rose-garden of the White-house

I bet you ,
Obama even shall not change that "Road-Map"
when travelling in the Middle East......

Sorry !!!! but no change......

Sherlock Hommos
keep the change !!

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