Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas and the jobless Jesus

a Palestinian- family in Bethlehem 1945
doesn't this scene look familiar to you ???

Soon comes Christmas
where people exchange gifts
and have probably forgotten the Man from Nazareth.

Christmas comes soon
with Santa-Claus as the central figure
and the Son of Mariam is only in the background,
part of decoration only........ .......

Who cares ?? !!
Factories make more toys
Shops sell more toys
while all the children rejoice

as for Jesus , he is no more needed,
because Santa Claus does everything , instead of him .

This is all a bit like the Holy Lands , today:
Christians of the West support the Jews of the West
and forgot the Christians of the East.

Muslims who believe 100% in the same Jesus
are considered by the West as a far-away-religion
while all the Zionists rejoice and got Palestine as a gift .

Materialism took over from Spiritualism

while a Religion became a Nation
and another real-Nation becomes a nation of refugees.

The Promised-land becomes the loote for the invaders
while the victims of that invasion become the Terrorists
and our robbers give us lessons in Democracy and Freedoms.

Christmas-symbolism is sold to the shops

while National Rights are traded in the United Nation Assemblya
and ex-Colonial- powers want to lesson us about the Human-right.

Bethlehem , is surrounded by a wall
while no one from Nazareth can reach it
and the shops of Gaza have no gifts to sell ,
let alone bread, to eat.

Soon comes Christmas
you shall recognise it only by seeing Santa Claus
and that huge Wall.......

Raja Chemayel

a Christian from the East

an Arab from the Lebanon

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