Sunday, December 21, 2008

The man without any religion

The man without a religion

The man who stole 50 billion Dollars
(which are five thousand millions dollars)
is of a certain religion which we cannot criticise
otherwise we shall be labelled as being Anti-Semite.

So , let us assume that this thief were without any religion
but then comes another delicate question :
to which country ?? did he transfer a large part of his lute ???

We could name that State but then we shall be reminded
that all the Holocaust-survivors went to that State....
No it is not Florida !!!......... ..
NO !!! that other country..... . the one full of Semite-Palestinian
who became now , Refugee-Semite- Palestinians
Yes !! indeed .......
the Only Democracy occupying a third country.

Never mind !
Sarcasm will lead us no where.....
So, do not mention Mr. Madoff jewish-religion
nor do you ever dare to mention the State of Israel...... .
keep it as a secret.........just like I do .

And by the way ,
Mr. Madoff would have also transfered part of the 50 Billionsto Gaza....
but unfortunately. .... Gaza is under a siege !!!s
o it all went to one place , only.

Sherlock Hommos
financial inspector

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