Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I reached finally Bethlehen

This Wall has 2 sides...
one for the oppressor
and the other for the oppressed

On my way to Bethlehem
I was stopped by a wall
not one........ not ten, ....... but too many.

On my way to Bethlehem
I crossed 28 check-points
and got searched 29 times
and humiliated another 10 times more.

When I reached Bethlehem
the three Kings have left back home , before me
one went to Amman , one to went back to Riyadh
and the third changed his name into Pharaoh .

When I reached Bethlehem
Joseph was been arrested for interrogation
Mary went out to get a passage-permission.

When I reached Bethlehem
That new-born-Baby was left in the hands of a Baby-Sitter
appointed by the United Nations Resolution NR. 82.447
whereas Tony Blair takes custody of the Baby ,
abiding by the wishes of her Majesty's
Prime Minister Lord Balfour .

When I reached Bethlehem
Hotels have had enough of vacancies
because all prisons are full.

The receptionist was an Ethiopian who became a Semite
and the cook was a Caucasian-cosher
while the room service was a red-haired-Russian-alcoholist
pretending to be a "chosen".

Never-mind....I reached Bethlehem
but it has changed completely
and even the new-born will talk now.
in English only with a russian-accent.

I reached Bethlehem Hotel
and in the room near me resides Mr. Madoff
and the floor above me was reserved for Black-Water
while the new-born-baby was preparing himself
to become the next Hotel's luggage-boy.

I reached Bethlehem...
but they have reach it before me .

Raja Chemayel


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