Monday, December 22, 2008

Exactly the same Afghanistan

Why was is right and legal and normal and necessary
then to chase the Red Army out of Afghanistan,
thanks to the CIA , to the Saudi Royal Family
and to the fundamentalist-Muslim-volunteers .....???

And it is not right nor legal nor necessary
to chase out the US and UK armies today .....
out of that same Afghanistan ???
and with the same Muslim-ffundamentalists...???

Did it not occur to anyone , that the Soviet Red Army
was also making a war against the same ,so called ,
" Terrorists" and "Fundamentalist"
and everything -else that the West does not like ....???

The Soviet Red Army was called: the "infidels"
so what should we call the US and UK. :" the pig-eaters " ????
maybe ??
Something is wrong here because
it is exactly the same Afghanistan .

Something is wrong here
because the Soviet forbid the Opiom trade
but the US and UK could not !!!!

Something is wrong here
Moscow has no more a dictator , anymore
and Washington has an elected-dictator.
while the Muslim-fundamentalists are the same !!!

Raja Chemayel

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