Sunday, December 5, 2010

One question for the Egyptian-Regime 
Police beating-up someone who wants a church.

A question to the Regime in Egypt:

How come any christian-Egyptian
can build , anytime , for himself a church
in Canada , in Venezuela, in Australia ...etc....
but not in Cairo nor Alexandria ??

Did the Camp-David-Agreements (1978)
forbid you to do that ??
or ,
you need all that building-cement-material
to fill-up and to block the tunnels of Gaza ??

Raja Chemayel
a christian from  Bhamdoun
whose uncle once built a Mosque (1959)
and whose grand-father signed a building-permit
(1943) for building a Synagogue

PS :
Congratulations on the last  elections  !!
too much corruptions and an overdose of fraud
gave you now an absolute majority .
Next time,  be more careful,
and allow at least , the fake opposition .

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