Friday, December 10, 2010

A comparison
The fake ( with a gun) 
and the genuine....

Gather one thousand Palestinians
and then analyse them.
Equally bring one thousand Israelis
and do the same.

You shall notice that the Palestinians are one people
while the Israelis are made out of many.

The Palestinians have one language (and even the same dialect)
while Israelis speak 20 different languagues with their own grand-parents
and speak , one artificial-reinvented-language,  among each other .

The same goes for the food .....
while Palestinians have one and the same kitchen,
the Israelis have 20 different ones   and if Israelis
have in common some few dishes  ,
they are the ones stolen from the Palestinians like:
Falafel , Hoummos ,Baba-Ghanouj, Shawarma
or the stuffed-wine-leaves.

Basically the comparison is simple :
on one side you have :  the indigenous , the pure, the real
and on the other side :  the invader, the fake , the impostors.

What do we learn from the above ?? :
the pure and the genuine must have  all the rights
(and all the priorities) when it comes into a conflict with "the fake".

Unfortunately ,
Wall-Street, the Pentagon and the White-house
all want to make out  the fake as  being  the real
and the real  as being non existent !!!

Raja Chemayel

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