Sunday, December 12, 2010

One decade of my writing.....

a bit of narcissism might help...
(notice please,
my antic-barok-clock
and my Breiteling-watch)

10 years ago, somewhere in December 2000,
I started my writings in the Internet

It happened by pure coincidence
and also coming out of basic overdose
of my political-frustrations.

Later, 3 years ago ,
I decided to have also my own Blog
" Frustrated Arab Diary"
(initiated and coached by Fausto Guidice, and Tlaxcala )

In the mean time a lot has happened :
Arafat was poisoned
Saddam was hanged
Beirut was bombed
Ben Laden was invented
Gaza was strangled
Israel assasinated Hariri in order to hang El Assad
A Woman is leading Germany
Burka´s were forbidden (in the countries where they exist not)
Mubarak survived two fair elections
Bush was re-elected ( Blair too)
My readers started calling me as "poet"
and the 2 great poets died , Darwish and Kabbani
(forgive me for forgetting other events or persons)

I started writing in one list
and today I write in 32 different ones
I was kicked out of 4 other lists
while 2 lists kicked me out and later
decided to allow me back
and to grant me an amnesty.......a pardon.

One Lebanese list owner called me :
" boring and unimaginative "

One US-Palestinian list owner called me :
"Enemy of Palestine "

One Palestinian-American-Democrat  called me :
" the dog of Zahi Damuni "

One Lebanese architecht  called me "
" an anti-semite "

One Palestinian from Amman called me:
" comparable to Gibran"

One Israeli-stalinist called me :
"  a revolutionary-genious "

And finally ,
my own wife calls me :
" a fanatic-political-exhibitionist "

Therefore opinions, about me , do differ a lot.

I must ,at the end,
admit that a great deal of narcisism is involved
but after all , which writer is not a narcist ??
or an exhibitionist ?? as well.

My Blog
which is in English,French,Portuguese,Spanish and German
has had in total   88.658 readers  ( in 3 years)

I shall proceed with my writings
as being my (personal) form of resistance.

I thank my readers ,
also ,I thank my translaters:
Ellen , Annie , Christina,  Alexander and Yaotl
and my Coach Fausto Guidice........................

And finally,  
I must thank Zionism itself
for offering so many injustices  to write about.

Raja Ibrahim Khalil Chemayel
a Bhamdouni-Beiruti-Lebanese-Syrian-Arab-Homosapien
a christian-in-Islam and a socialist-in-a-democracy.

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