Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What do we learn from WikiLeaks ???
Who is next ??
The Hacker or the Hacked ??

Some things are sure and certain
about WikiLeaks :

It showed us that the correspondence between
any US Embassy and the State Department, are not safe !!
(something really suspicious  !! )

It showed us that diplomats are professional liars
(something we all knew !!)

It showed us that Hamid Karzay , the most obvious US-Puppet
is not behaving in a satisfactory manner
(something I would rather blame on the Puppeteer,instead )

It showed us that  if  WikiLeaks is telling us the Truth
its owner-founder must be judged for a sex-offence-crime.
( Something the Swedish ,  know too well about !! )

It showed us that the hackers control the world of information
(something I fear )

Sherlock  Hommos
the truth is now what the Hackers will allow.

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