Thursday, November 4, 2010

Terrorism or democracy ???
Alexander of Macedonia  ,
the son of the first and son of the greatest democracy ,
once terrorised and robbed the whole world !!

Let us , for the sake of the argument
gather all the freedom-fighters ,
all liberation-movements
all mujaheddin and all insurgents worldwide ,
and especially in the Middle East.....
we shall call them : Coalition of  TERRORISM

on the other hand ,  we shall gather ,
the USA , the UK , France , Israel
and the NATO , too......
and we shall call them : Coalition of  DEMOCRACY

Having done so , and having given them those names,
we shall please count :
1- How many innocent civilians were killed by each ??
2- How many countries were invaded by each ??
3- How many tons of bombs were dropped by each  ??
4- How many weddings were bombed by each ??
5- Who has occupied whom ??
6- Who is holding more prisoners illegally (or even legally)
7- How many Pirates are in Somalia
    and how many Pirates are outside Gaza ??
8- who assasinated Rafiq el Harriri and then blamed Syria ??
    who hanged Saddam Hussein and replaced him by sectarian-maffias ??

After having done this statistical-mathematical-comparison ,
you shall agree with me that :
Democracy should rather be called Terrorism !!

(at least for the time being, and until better time comes....)

Raja Chemayel

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