Friday, October 29, 2010

Suspicious husbands and Ink out of Yemen.....

The circuit board on the printer found inside the package intercepted in Dubai
Made in Yemen for the USA  !!
"Ink-Cartridges" for printers

I was sitting in front of my PC
writing my next article about:
those very suspicious packages
originating from Yemen
full with "ink-cartridges-for-PC-printers"
destined to Jewish-organisations in the USA...

I was wondering how come Jewish-organisations
would purchase ink from Yemen ????

A mystery for me.......!!

When my door rang
I stood up walked to the front door
and opened , to see the delivery boy
with a Bouquet of Red Roses
addressed to my wife
and sent by Richard Gere
with a little note , attached.

I thanked the delivery boy
and placed the flowers on the commode
in the salon ........and that note too......
Of course I did not read that note
although I got suspicious,
as to why Mr. Richard Gere would send roses
to my wife ......??

I went back to finish my article
on those printing-ink-packages
sent from Yemen, to some "Jews" in the USA

Because this story was more suspicious
than those roses from Richard Gere ,
to my own wife.

More suspicious......I say,
because printing-ink-cartridges
are cheaper in the USA , than in Yemen
and most of all....... the lifetime validity date for ink
would be better in the USA than in Yemen !!!

Strange !!

I have the feeling that I am ending up

as a
  suspicious news colonist

rather than  being
 a suspicious husband

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Jealous husband

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