Friday, October 29, 2010

Only a corrupt regime could hang Tarek Aziz

Our Hero's must hang
because corruption took over !!
Tarik Aziz is condemned for the Death Penalty
by a tribunal set up by an invader/occupier/imperialist/corrupt/power.
The main accusation was the fact that he ordered the trial
and permitted the legal executions ,of half a dozen
of traders-usurpators who manipulated the imports
and fixed the prices of food during the years of  international-boycott of Iraq
Such a noble act was legal and perfectly moral ,
in a state of war and in a state of siege which Iraq was suffering.
Even without the war and siege , usurpators are to be punished
by any standarts !!
Another Arab Hero shall be hanged, for a no-crime,
by those who claim "democracy" and feed on collaboration and corruption !!
Raja Chemayel
I kiss the feet of Tarek Aziz !!

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