Thursday, November 18, 2010

The greatest democracy north of Mexico
Are those Rabbis elected-officials
or paid-Lobbyists ??
( or, rather ,paying-Lobbyists ?)

Can you call any country as being democratic one
when the decision makers are manipulated
by 2673 Lobbyists and 1344 Interest-groups ??
And last not but least ,
there is the AIPAC !!!  too.

If your answer would be: " No"
would you then expect this country
to be good or rather an evil country  ??

Raja Chemayel
In the Netherlands politicians should report
when he or she has had lunch with a Lobbyist
how much the lunch cost ?? and who paid for it ??

PS :
Democracy , in my book, means:
The will and the power of  ( the majority of) the People.
So where do those Lobbyist fit in here ??

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