Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Road-Map for Peace
The road-map-trap !!

The road-map-to-Peace
is a map which no one has ever seen,
except George W. Bush...............and the Devil.

I have had the luck to look into my Cristal-ball
and I saw it .......

I shall describe it to you :

It has no direction pointing North
and the South is yet to be invented
while East and West never meet !!.
Roads start and the same points.
Jews have the priority whether coming from the left
or from the right side. Of course Ashkenazim-jews
have priority above the Sephardi-jews........etc....
Speed-limits apply only to Palestinians
who are not allowed to park anywhere.
Traffic lights  are on green when the settlers drive
and on red when journalists and reporters want to visit them.
If you enter into a roundabout , you cannot get out
unless you recognise the State of Zion , in advance .
The Scales on this map varies depending on who is using it.
Entrances are shown only to the Russians and Ethiopians
while the sign " Exit" is written only in Arabic.
You may read this text while thinking of the song:
"Hotel California".........

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
"welcome to the hotel Arabophobia.......such a lovely place !!

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