Monday, August 1, 2011

The terrorist with a licensed-gun and the Tourists without visa´s

in line for a Tourist Visa

Every society has some kind of terrorists living among them............

The degree and the sizes do differ
how come ?? that the Terrorists in (or of)  the Western-world
all did have , in advance, a gun-license . ??

In the Netherlands recently
and in Norway only last week
in the USA last year.....etc...etc...

all have had a gun-licenses.....

I was recently filling-up a police-form to justify a Tourist-visa
for a far-away-Lebanese-cousin
who would like to come visit me in the Netherlands.

It is required by the European-Union for each foreigner
intending to visit Europe..............who is also required to
show 2 or 3 credit-cards and a health-insurance and a return-ticket
and a hotel-booking and a letter from his employers and (my) invitation.

They call it "preventive-security-check"

I shall recommend to my cousin , once here,
not to go camping in Norway !!
and to avoid the Europeans with a Gun-License.
(My visiting-cousin can operate 27 different guns
but he has no gun-license !!)

Philosophically speaking ,
there are two kinds of Terrorists
the first , has a uniform or simply does have a gun-license
and the other ( not proven) Terrorist , need a Visa.......

Raja Chemayel
I have no gun nor do I need a visa

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