Thursday, August 4, 2011

A reminder for the short memories
The Lion of Africa
and the Prince of national-Independence's
(who happens not to be a democrat)

We hereby would to remind all the short-memories
that the UN resolution on Libya, mentioned exclusively a no fly zone !!

And then , 2 days later ,
 99% of the Libyan Airforce were made inactive ,
if not completely destroyed.......

In the meantime this " no fly "
included direct bombing of cities , of villages
economical boycott and even the killing civilians !!

No to mention , arming the opposition
and bloccking the national-financial-assets .....abroad.

Now the West shall confiscate the billions of the libyan Dollars
and hand them over to a Marionet-opposition
that does not even know each other......nor are they ever united.

If this is not a nation-robbery , then what is it ??
If this is  not piracy , then what is it
If this is not day-light-robbery , then what is it ??
If this not colonial- hegemony , then what is it  ??

Who is the NATO  ??? ..............and what for is it ??
only to bomb Belgrade , Kabul and Tripoli  ?? !!
otherwise they only sell us the artificial-democracy-flavors.....

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Democracy´s marketing agent

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