Monday, December 5, 2011

How to measure or to evaluate the US-Democracy
make your choice,
left or right ??

How can you prove whether democracy does ,
or does not,  exist in the USA  ??

Usualy ,Democracy must allow at least two different opinions
or two ideologies and by the absence of any two different streams of thoughts
or two different policies or even two political parties, then,
we shall have to conclude that Democracy does not (practically) exist .

How to make such a test ?? in the USA .
( or anywhere else )

Easy !!

1- Bring 5 US-Republican senators
2- Bring 5 US-Democrat senators
3- cover up their faces , so they cannot be recognised
    and place them in one room with a pen and paper for each.
4- ask them 10 political/ideological questions
    to be answered in writing , without any signatures.
5- read all those consequent 100 answers and try to guess
    who are the 5 Republicans and who are not ???

Although you would have a 50% chance by each answer
to be right in purely guessing, I bet you that with the total results
you would never be able to separate the 5 Republican-senators
from the other 5.

Because the USA is a 2 party-system made out of non-identical-twins
who differ only on the surface ,
which makes them opponents
like red-wine versus white-wine ,and never enemies.
Therefore they are seated either on the left or on the right
of the Congress hall , only that one can get the impression
that they are "two" parties.
( and to prove my accusation here ,
you will see the same Lobbyist are chasing both of them
for the same  and any given promotion )

I prefer the democracy here in Holland ,
where 11 parties are represented
and where the party with 23% calls itself :" majority "
Or in my Lebanon ,
where even each 3 senators in Parliament calls itself : " a coalition "
But the best remains, Saudi Arabia,
where there is no parliament , no parties and no opposition:
just a King , his family and an American Ambassador of course,
who might be a Democrat or eventually a Republican ,
which ,again, is hard to differentiate, anyhow.

I conclude that any non-hypocrite-dictatorship
is better than "the US-System"......whatever you shall call it!!

Raja Chemayel

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