Friday, December 2, 2011

From Christian-civilisors into secular-Christians
White man teaches the Blacks how to carry him
La France civilisatrice

The West  colonised the rest of the world
by using Christianity or Christianising , as an excuse
it also used the word "civilising"
( nous sommes en une mission civilisatrice
 said Napoleon in Cairo while robbing the tombs of the Pharaohs )

Nowadays those "Secular-Christians"
came back to us ,
under their newest pretexts like :
" Human-rights " and or " Democracy"

The hero's, the victims and the places are all exactly the same,
only the date has changed along with the new terminology.

Raja Chemayel


PS :
THe International Human Rights Organisation ,today in Geneva,
has claimed that 56 children where killed in Syria.

When no journalists nor any independant observer may visit Syria ......
how could they praticaly count those 56 victims ???

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