Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The New-Arab-League of States
The inauguration poster for
the New-Arab-League

Let us estimate and evaluate the Arab League as it stands, today :
Only the  Arab-States members which were Republics,
are now being redecorated or reformed (even misinformed)
or getting simply  a "face-lift"......... like in Egypt.

This leaves the field open exclusively for those States
which are Kingdoms,Emirates or Sultanate.

Thus in the barometer of Democracies ,
this will amount to almost nothing worth of mentioning ,
especially when,
none of them is even a constitutional-monarchy , at least !

In other words ,
this " Spring"   came only to the Arab-Republics
and not to those  Monarchies
consequently this Arab-League must be renamed as :
the United Arab Monarchs
 the NATO -flying circus !!

Eng Moustafa :-B nerd Roosenbloom

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