Monday, November 28, 2011

If only they looked outside their own windows
Directly on the Tahrir-square !!

For those of you who do not know Cairo,
the Arab League headquarters´s building 
is situated directly on the Tahrir-Square.

Today this Arab League gathered and declared a new boycott on Syria
because , of course,  Syria is not at all as democratic as they might be.....
in 100 years from today.

As I said ,
being on Tahrir Square they could have looked out from their own windows
and see what is happening , or better said , see what is still happening........
for example : tear-gas, barricades, police brutality, police random arrests,
and last but not least , 54 dead........only the 24 hours.

Probably they have had their windows closed,
like their minds are closed and exactly like their honesty,also.
In other words , Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt and now Libya
wanted to teach Syria a lesson in freedoms.

If irony needed a capital , today, it would be Cairo.
And if hypocrisy needed a throne , today,
it will be inside the Arab-League-headquarters.

Raja Chemayel
loving Cairo and Damascus.

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