Monday, September 7, 2009

The Absurd and the Obvious
the absurd and the obviously-absurd

The Holocaust lasted 5 years long
Israel´s crimes took 61 years

The Holocaust is being re-investigated
Israel´s crimes are daily and "live"
on our TV screens

The Holocaust has had completely nothing to do
with Palestine,
Palestine is paying the damages for the Holocaust.

Today´s Israelis are not even
the "Israelites" of the Bible
only 3% of the Holocaust-survivors
do live in Israel .

Marroccan-Jews and Ethiopian-Jews and Colombian-Jews
are being compensated for a crime that German-Nazis
have done unto Polish, Russian and Hungarian-Jews
while it is
on the account of the Palestinian- Christians
and Palestinian- Muslems.

Raja Chemayel


Not a Jew or Arab said...

I don't at all agree with Isreal in Palestine, but to dismiss the 9/11 events are "two aircraft who could not find the right runway" shows that you have lost all sense of reason and logic.

True American said...

Amen to that! U do realise this was like exactly what the Fort Hood guy said online???!!!???