Thursday, September 17, 2009

Terrorism for Dummies .

Terrorism for Dummies
how to legally become a Terrorist
how to become a Terrorist , but to use another name
a huge Terror-machine
with 1.500 Terrorists on board.

If your country does not have an army
nor any Air-plane-carriers nor any nuke-submarines
if your country is stolen ,or occupied, or deprived
or annexed , or colonised
your people are enslaved or isolated or discriminated
or oppressed ,or exiled ,or depressed ,or ignored
your human rights or national rights are buried
or hidden, or denied, or wiped-out
if this applies to your case ,
then you may practise Terrorism legally and morally
and without any license nor permission nor diploma.

But ,
in case you do not qualify for the above mentioned descriptions
you may call upon the CIA, or the AIPAC ,
or the UN-Security- Council
or the World-Zionist- Congress
who may issue for you a License to become a Terrorist
even without having the rights to become one......
in that case you will be called :
"The only Democracy"
"Operation Desert Storm"
"Enduring Freedom"

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Terre O´ Rist

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