Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two sides, one Truth

Portret van Fawzi Mohammed Tanji

a man and his identity

One must make a difference between
a wounded- invader and his victims .
One must differentiate between
a war of national-liberation
and any other wars.
One must separate the legal violence ,
from a list of all other violence's.
One must distinguish between
a bullet shot at the oppressors
and the bullet of the oppressor.
One must accept the price of liberation
and refuse any reward for the occupiers
One must worship the truth
and curse the fake and the impostors.
One must accept a defeat
as an incentive to get better
and not celebrate a victory
unless it is final......
One must realise that Palestinians
are trying to repossess their homeland
and that the Israelis are simply
expanding a stolen-land.
Raja Chemayel

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