Wednesday, July 11, 2007

about Heaven and Hell

To my knowledge all monotheistic-religions
promise you a reward called Paradise or Heaven
or ,of course, a punishment which is Hell.

If you have had a rightful character
and have led a decent life
and have not harmed anyone
nor stolen nor lied nor killed nor committed any sin
............ go to Paradise .

This mystical spiritual promise seams logic to me
and I accept it and believe in it
and one day I shall find out whether I was right or not
............ ...until that time comes ,
please help me out , with one question.

Does the Lord ask us to be
or to do , all those rightful things
in a certain place only ??
or everywhere on this earth ?? anywhere !

Should a Catholic be a good Catholic in Italy alone
and in the Vatican precisely ??
or could he be a good-Catholic in Vietnam or Alaska ??

Should a Muslim live only in Mecca or near Mecca
to earn his place in Heaven ??
or a good-Muslim even in Brazil shall earn Paradise too ??

How about my Cousins the Jews ?
if they never drive a Bulldozer over Peace-activists
and if they never evict villagers from their homes
and if they never shoot at school-children
and if they never steal any lands and whole livelihoods
and if they stop bombing Beirut (or bombing in Beirut)
and they never do any ethnic cleansing
outside Palestine, would they earn Paradise ??

A Jew in Toronto has far more chances
for that ultimate reward than any Jew in Palestine
........don´t we agree ??

If we do agree here, then may I enquire:
what is the use of stealing Palestine ??
because it does not bring anybody nearer to Heaven
especially not the Jews !!!
and it leads us ,Arabs, to become so called "Terrorists"
not by choice but rather by necessity !!

So I call on all good-Jews , not to become Israelis
not to steal Palestine... ......or any other place
because it is bringing them further away from Heaven.

Raja Chemayel

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