Saturday, March 28, 2009

Viva Zapata !!
Emilio Zapata
Ismail Hanniah of Mexico

I was in the Metro of Amsterdam
where I met a Mexican-tourist. ...
a young man of 23 or 25 years
and we have had a chat........ .
and then I told him :
Viva Zappata !!

he smiled to me and said :
Sorry....... .
I am not a football fanatic !!

We are in the 21st Century
and there is , at least ,one Mexican
who does not know who is Zappata !!
and I met the Amsterdam Metro
which has only one line and only 3 stations !!!

I wish this young man would go on his next holidays,
in the slums of Beirut or into Gaza.......
then he would learn who and what Zappata , was .

Raja Chemayel
we need more Zappatas !!
like Morales and Chavez.

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