Monday, March 23, 2009


The world of finance
one finds two paradoxical terms :
Junk-Bonds andToxic-Asset

Both are valid on the market
and any idiot deals with them
they are bought and sold regularly and legally .

I know what Junk is , and I know what Bond is too,
Toxic means " very harmful" and an Asset is
no more an asset when it is toxic....
and a Bond is worthless when it is Junk !!

I do not dare to blame G.W.Bush for this Toxic-Junk
but Mr. Obama is trying nowadays to sell it back to us !!
or rather to the American public.

Capitalism is capable of many absurdities
and American-Capitalism beats all records.

Another absurd American-invention ,was
Evangelical- Zionists
and or

How can an Asset be Toxic
and how can a Christian be Zionist ???
If zZionist, a christian is no more a christian
if Toxic , an Asset is worthless , therefore no more an asset !!

Think of it !!

and then change the dictionary
or change America !!

Raja Chemayel

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