Saturday, March 28, 2009

The tale of two Ambassadors

The tale of two ambassadors
both have represented the PLO,
which means that they represent the Palestinian Nation.

The first Ambassador based in Poland
has had a reception made in honour of the Israeli Ambassador
who was leaving Poland.
Which means that the cakes and the champagne was paid by
the Palestinian national budget and of course it means that
the Palestinians are happy and satisfied by the behaviour of
the Government of that Israeli Ambassador.
You may judge here the diplomatic-conseque nces of such
a party-reception- invitation.

1000 Miles away, in Moscow , a second Palestinian Ambassador
Mr. Afifi Saffieh has attended a popular meeting ,
without champagne and without cakes , which was in support of Gaza
and which was obviously organised by the Hamas supporters, in Moscow.

Mr. Mahmoud Abbas being what he is.....
( no details needed here)
was angry at Mr. Afif Safieh and has fired him .

I know Mr. Saffieh , personally , who was (our) the Palestinian Ambassador
here in the Hague (1987) and I would like to confirm that when it comes
to diplomatic-represen tation and to diplomatic-skills
and education in general
, Mr. Abbas does not fit to become
the " Tea-boy " to Mr. Saffieh .

Of course I do not know Mr. Abbas , personally ,
but what I have seen and heard gives me a clear picture
about Abou Mazen (Mr. Abbas) when I can compare the two
personalities .

Mr. Affif Safieh is even fit to become Palestine's next foreign-minister,
should my opinion count......

But things being what they are , and corruption , nepotism,
opportunism and decay , all being so well implanted in Ramallah ,
those two incidents ( if not two accidents) have had to happen.

Mr. Affif Safieh would make any Amabssador jealous
which is no surprise why even the AIPAC insisted on having him
being removed from Washington , last year........

It is high time for Mr. Abbas to leave and to ask for asylum
in Washington or in Tel Aviv and to let the "good-guys" do their work.

Raja Chemayel
Amsterdam 28.03.09

My friend Affif .

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