Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obama undressed and unveiled.
President Obama
Inspecteur Clouseau

Yesterday President Obama addressing a
"Town-hall-public- meeting"
in Strasbourg , France ,
has said something similar to :

" ....Do not think that Terrorism will disappear if we give more
rights to the Palestinians or we shall show more respect towards Islam....
those are two different issues...... ."

I never though that a US President would be so naive (or be so dum-honest)
and consequently show us his real intentions or his real thinking-logic.

First : I hereby declare that the difference with G.W.Bush,
is only "skin-deep".

Second : The USA does not want any rights for the Palestinians
nor any respect for Islam.

Third : Terrorism , what that might ever be ,
has at least one more decade , to go.

Fourth : what is wrong if and when more respect is shown
to Islam and to the Palestinian- rights... .....try it,once !!

Welcome to the world of the Obama-illusions !!!

Raja Chemayel
61 years of maturity.......

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