Monday, March 30, 2009

Anyone surprised ??????

Some Arabs have no shame....
and Livni avoids eye-contact
and gives him only one finger !!.

The Doha Arab League Summit

closed down , today, earlier than planned.

Arab leaders disagreed , once again !!

Anyone surprised ??
not me !

Didn't I tell you that there should be
2 Arab-League- Organisations

The first will include those who have
recognised our invaders and occupiers
and you may call it :
the Arab-league- of-castrated- collaborators
and the second may conserve the tittle of :
The Arab League of States

Two years later ,
the Arab-League of Collaborators
will have to change its name into :
The League of Collaborators
and they may keep Mahmoud Abbas with them.

In the meantime and after this division (or separation)
we have have an Arab-League which will be Arab.

nobody may still call himself
a "brother"
after he recognises the rapist of our sister.....
thus he who recognises Israel , is no Arab !!

Equally , he who wants to help our sister ,
becomes an Arab.....Iran and Venezuela , as example.

In the meatime,
" those who are traitors and or collaborators,
are standing in our line of fire !!! "

Raja Chemayel

PS :
Watch carefully see it is not a hand-shake
she is giving him only one finger !!!

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