Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Three......Israel or Democracy
have a Coffee....
and then..... forget Democracy !!

Have you considered that even if (or even when )
the whole Middle-East turns into a democratic and a free area
there will not be any guarantee, at all,
that the State of Israel would be then accepted ??.

On the contrary ,
those leaders who did sign a so-called " Peace-agreement"
with the Zionist state, were not at all democratic,
by any known standards.....
nor did this "Peace-agreement" produce any peace.

The first leader who signed for the Peace was an army-general 
and the second was a monarch .

Both were bribed , one way or another ,
into signing a worthless treaty,
which never has had any genuine-popular-support.

Democracy (or Freedom) is not the wish of a single leader
and surely not the wish of non-elected-single-leaders.......

I bet you that if and when the Middle East countries
shall all convert to Democracy , the State of Zion shall then tremble !!

The last really-democratically-elected Palestinian-government, Hamas ,
has even completely rejected the State of Israel,  from its roots !!

We ,Arabs, have to choose  to live with Democracy or with  Israel
while Israel will have to choose to live in Palestine or in Peace.

Raja Chemayel
I first worship God, . .....and then Democracy ,
and therefore, I fundamentally reject the Zionist state.

NB :
The West wanted to keep Mubarak
regardless whether he is a democrat or a dictator,
as long as he accepted Israel .
The Palestinian Authority has just resigned yesterday

because it wanted unsucessfully  to marry Democracy with Israel

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