Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Berlusconi, Mubarak and Hariri

Joe Biden has said once that Husni Mubarak "is not a dictator ".

The Shaikh of Al Azhar did not say anything yet , 
and I doubt that he might  ever give his own opinion, 
on that matter .

Nevertheless being the highest moral-and-ethical-authority of Egypt , 
it is his duty to evaluate and to assess the latest developments on the ground.

I am sure that if the Coptic-Pope would be allowed to speak ,
he would have spoken !!

As for the Ayatollah of Iran , 
he at least has congratulated the Egyptian people .
and he is the only Muslim leader to do so .

And the Pope of Rome is too busy checking out
if Belusconi is wearing a condom , (and who is not !!)

Last but not least :
Mr. Berlusconi supports Husni Mubarak
although he is a bit jealous that Husni is much richer.
But then and again , Berlusconi has many prostitutes
when Husni has only one !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
9Th of Feb.2001

Berlusconi , Mubarak and Hariri
all three own a private political party
and they all  have separately 
a private parliament coalition.

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