Monday, February 7, 2011

8.500 US Dollars per day.


The regime in Cairo has allowed the Banks to reopen 
and to hand out 8.500 Dollars ,per day, to each customer.
(Provided it is the customer´s own money of course .....)

Now  , I have three questions :

1. How many Egyptians do have 8.500 dollars in their spare accounts ??
2. How many Egyptians  can take out 8.500 Dollars 
each day ??
3. Is it allowed for Mr. Gamal Mubarak 
and to Mrs. Suzann Mubarak to have ,a bit , more ??

Eng. Moustafa    Roosenbloom

PS :
How many Egyptians make 8.500 Dollars per Year ??

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